You will choose eyelash growth fluid

Each girl born looks, there is always a place, so you are not so satisfied, one of them, including eyelashes! Every time people painted eyelashes, always painted like a doll, and your eyelashes, but even clips are not caught, and you look at the stars, one by one who are in the competition who long eyelashes, and you, May itself lost at the starting line. There are many ways to save short eyelashes, one of which is that many people will choose, eyelash growth fluid!

The product contains bimatoprost, an active ingredient in an FDA-approved drug to treat elevated intraocular pressure.As with the previously approved 0.03% formulation, bimatoprost 0.01% solution is administered as 1 drop in the affected eye once daily in the evening.

In addition, use of Age Intervention Eyelash may cause other adverse effects in certain people due to the bimatoprost, including macular edema and uveitis, which may lead to decreased vision.

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