What is the effect of Bimatoprost on your eyelashes?

Bimatoprost online paypal is a class of high-performance antihypertensive drugs for the treatment of glaucoma. It also has a kind of effect is that you can make eyelashes grow again, long-term use, can make your eyelashes, become longer and thicker, so that you no longer worry about the short eyelashes.

It’s very easy to apply Bimatoprost solution and you can make it a part of your daily beauty routine. Bimatoprost is available with brushes and without brushes option. Using a provided applicator with this product is recommended, to apply this solution on eyelashes, squeeze the container to take one drop onto the brush and then spread it on your eyelash. You can use a brush of this product to apply the solution at the roots of your eyelashes. Let it dry and don’t wash eyes just after application. One brush can be used for a month or more but make sure you do not share your brush with anybody else and clean it with very hot water prior to every use.

This brush is very slim and pointed that makes Bimatoprost liquid reach to the roots of eyelashes. It does not absorb and waste the liquid and one pack of the solution can comfortably last up to 4-5 weeks. Do not go for the excess use of Bimatoprost, once a day application is recommended, as the excess application will not accelerate the growth of eyelashes.

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