The effect of bimatroprost on your eyes

Careprost eyelash growth fluid active ingredient bimatoprost, is a central nervous inhibitor, structurally similar prostaglandin compounds, extracted from fatty acids, can be used to bind prostaglandin receptors, these receptors are distributed on hair, And hair follicle development and growth, was originally used for the treatment of glaucoma prescription drugs, Lumigan active ingredients. Lumigan users found that it had the side effect of promoting eyelash growth, and (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%) came into being for the treatment of eyelid hairiness. Latisse as the “twin sister” of Lumigan treatment for glaucoma, was approved by the FDA in 2001.

Bimatoprost will gradually change the color of the eye, by increasing the number of melanin cells in the melanin particles, to increase the iris brown pigment. Iris color change process is slow, and may be several months or even years are possible, the effect will not be obvious. The user should be told that the iris color changes the likelihood. Lumigan contains preservative – benzethonium chloride, which will be absorbed by soft contact lenses. Before use should be removed from the invisible eyes, you can wear again after 15 minutes. The darkening of the eyelid skin is also associated with the use of the horse than the precursor. Pagi prod norin can gradually change the eyelashes, these changes include increasing the length of the eyelashes, thickness, blackness, and concentration.

Step one: every night before going to bed to remove contact lenses after cleansing to ensure that the eye clean;
Step two: in the matching eyelash brush on the amount of eyelash growth on the amount of liquid (a little brush, the eyelash brush along the upper eyelids painted in the roots of eyelashes to feel moist but the liquid will not overflow for the appropriate amount);
Step three: Apply the same way to the eyelid roots of the other eye;
Step four: the eyelash brush with water washed, placed in a healthy and ventilated place to dry spare.

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