Testimonials by XLash customers


I’ve been using this for the past week on my eyelashes, and my mother has been using this on her eyebrows. My
eyelashes stopped growing after years of using makeup and fake eyelashes (ugh) and my mothers eyebrows stopped
growing after menopause. So we’ve both been looking for something, ANYTHING to help. And I can honestly say this
has showed improvement with both of us! I will post before and after pictures in about a week. We use it right
before we go to sleep and right when we wake up in the morning. Great product!
I was not paid for this review, however I did receive it at a discounted price in exchange for fair, honest and
unbiased review. I’ve been helped by the feedback from others and hope this helps you make your decision.


Dirk Fabry

This product is AWESOME! I have paid over $200 for Rapidlash and it didnt work half as well. I use this product
every night and I am extremely happy with it. I am sick about wasting so much money on other things that hasn’t
worked. Wish I had found this first!


Michelle Daniels

I purchased this oil to help my eyebrows grow as they have been over plucked for years! I have not applied it every
day like I should but I have seen an improvement in growth since I have been using it.


Lisa Vigil

First off, I love the packaging.Tip for new parents: rub some of this on a newly delivered baby’s tush, then
meconium wipes right off.


Allie Good

I use it every night before bed and really like it. Even my husband started asking me to put it on his eyes because
he likes the way his skin feels and looks next morning. My eyelashes were damaged after eyelash extensions and
really needed care.


Fadia Kamal

I use it regularly on my eyebrows and eye lashes. It gives great results! Not overnight… but in the long run, you
will see a difference. This particular one has the proper weight (not too thick and not too dark), does not have a bad
smell and it comes with an eye lash brush which makes it easy to apply on eyelashes too, not just on brows. I
definitely recommend.


Sergiu barabasĀ 

Grew my eyebrows in a matter of weeks and my eyelashes have also strengthened. I will def be purchasing again
once i am out!


Delena Davis

So I used this product pretty much every night before bed. I applied it with the mascara wand and that was all. I
didn’t see any results for about 6 weeks and then suddenly BAM, my eyelashes look AMAZING. Longer and thicker!
I’m excited I kept with it!