Smear eyelash growth fluid need to pay attention to the problem

You can try to put Bimatoprost into your everyday habits every day, just as you wash your face and brush your teeth every day and stick to it. Keep a pleasant attitude to use it, it is your, like a beautiful eyelash essence, so that you are excited, full of expectations.

Bimatoprost serum eye drops 0.03% of the treatment takes time. Can only be used once a night and can not overuse it because it may increase the chance of redness or itching. In accordance with the recommendations of the doctor, always use sterile, disposable, FDA approved kit provided in the applicator brush, do not arbitrarily use any non-sterile cotton swab and so on.

If you forget to apply for a night, please apply the normal amount in the second night, do not increase the number of use and dose. Beware of bacterial contamination, do not let the tip of the bottle or product brush, contact your fingers or any other accidental surface to avoid contamination of common bacteria. Be sure to mark your calendar, and the whole week of the picture, so you can have “before and after the image contrast, you can clearly know the changes in eyelashes.

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