How does Bimatoprost work?

What is bimatoprost? It is a prostaglandin originally used to control glaucoma by reducing intraocular fluid and thereby reducing intraocular pressure. It promotes outflow of fluid from the eyes and reduces pressure. Glaucoma patients using bimatoprost noticed thickening and lengthening of their eyelashes and this led Allergan to promote it as a natural eyelash growing medication under the brand Latisse whereas, under the brand Lumigan, it was promoted as a glaucoma treatment medication.

Bimatoprost online pharmacy supposedly works by keeping hair in the anagen phase, or the hair growing and retention phase, for a longer duration. It also makes hair thicker and stronger. You have to use it every night for at least two months for effects to be noticeable. The change can be dramatic, especially if so0meone were to see you for the first time after two months.

They look at you and wonder if you have gone in for laser transplant or if you are wearing false eyelashes. Convince them that your improved eyelashes are natural. Natural eyelashes free you from any embarrassing moments. Your hair grows naturally and it remains 100% natural. There is only one drawback. If you discontinue use your eyelashes will revert to their original look. This can be avoided by maintenance application of bimatoprost once or twice a week.

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