Bimatoprost eyelash growth fluid principle

As the eyelashes hair follicle tissue, at the end of the blood circulation, the body of a variety of physiological and pathological reasons, can cause eyelash hair follicle tissue, cell nutrition supply is insufficient, which is the majority of people, the main reason for sparse eyelashes.

According to the growth mechanism of eyelashes, the use of modern bio-engineering technology, extraction of bio-active, the essence of extract, its direct smear on the roots of eyelashes, through the epidermal tissue, hair follicle cells directly to the eyelashes, providing a rich nutrient , Repair or activation of inhibited follicular cell tissue, so as to achieve the purpose of making eyelash hair follicle cells, normal growth.

Bimatoprost plant essence, for the essence of plant extracts, easily absorbed by the body, most people use a few days, there will be effective, 8-10 weeks to achieve the desired effect on the human body without any adverse effects. After several extraction and purification, rich in pure plant nourishing repair factor, for the growth of eyelashes, provides a variety of rich nutrients, can repair, activate the inhibition of hair follicle cell tissue, so as to achieve the purpose of natural growth of eyelashes, Bimatoprost online buy is 100% genuine, you can rest assured that use.

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