Basic Information on Bimatoprost Drops

Women everywhere looking to achieve longer and darker eyelashes are turning to Bimatoprost drops. But these women also want to learn about them to see what they are as well as if they are suited for their needs. Here is some basic information on this product that is helping more and more women have darker and fuller lashes.

Bimatoprost has been seen in use by those who suffer with eye pressure that’s common with glaucoma, and it’s now being used by women worldwide who suffer with thin and brittle eyelashes. These drops have been approved by the FDA, but keep in mind that as with anything else, not everyone can use these drops. If you have any type of allergy to the ingredients that are found in this product, you can’t use it.

As with any other product, you should always consult with your doctor first, as there are some conditions t hat can affect you using these drops, if not eliminate the possibility of you using them. If any of these things do pertain to you, make sure you ask about any other methods that you might be able to use. These conditions include:

– Women who may be or will be getting pregnant
– People who have either narrow-angle or neovascular types of glaucoma
– People who are on medications, whether they are prescription or not
– People who have food or medicine allergies
– People who don’t have a lens in their eye

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